Michael L. Sinitsa

Michael L. Sinitsa, MD




  • Family Medicine

Additional Languages

  • Russian


Medical School

Kishinevskij Medicinskij Institute


Saint Joseph Medical Center

Board Certification

  • Family Practice

Office Information


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4.9 out of 5 (100 Ratings, 10 Comments)


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Patient Comment July 2018
love Dr Sinista
Patient Comment June 2018
Excellent care from Dr. Sinitsa.
Patient Comment June 2018
No problem he explained everything perfect, furthermore brought us an interpreter -
Patient Comment June 2018
very professional and caring
Patient Comment June 2018
I was recommended by a friend,and will definitely refer him to any of mine.
Patient Comment May 2018
He always is nice and takes time to explain things and listens and answers my questions.
Patient Comment May 2018
*Dr. Sinitsa has been a valuable doctor & friend for the last 25 years!
Patient Comment May 2018
Dr Sinitsa deserves recognition for his amazing abilities! He is my all time favorite and despite any health related conditions or illnesses I always look forward to seeing him because I trust and believe that he will always know what to do and how to treat me. He remembers the small details such as my job and the fact that I recently purchased a house. He is personable with everyone I know that he treats. All around he is a stand up guy. I feel confident and comfortable with him and his medical knowledge is astounding.
Patient Comment March 2018
Dr. Sinitsa stayed in the office on a very snowy day in part to see me on that day. It was a nice gesture since I know he was hoping to leave before the storm got too bad. I appreciate his concern for me, which is consistent with my long experience with him.
Patient Comment March 2018
Dr. Sinitsa has always been excellent with explaining testing results and future health plans including referring me to specialists when needed.