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Monique Lisa Abner

Monique Lisa Abner, MD




  • Plastic Surgery


Medical School

Pennsylvania College of Medicine


Baystate Medical Center, General Surgery
Ohio State University Hospital, General Surgery


Wright State University Kettering Medical Center, Plastic Surgery
Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Hand Surgery

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surger

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4.8 out of 5 (32 Ratings, 15 Comments)


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Patient Comment March 2020
Very impress with Dr. Abner. She was very detail and any questions I had was question.
Patient Comment March 2020
I have seen Dr. Abner every week for the past three months for wound care. She is the most ideal MD I have ever met.
Patient Comment February 2020
*Dr. Abner is very good at her job - cleans my wound on my leg explains what doing & why - tells me what to expect between visits - super lady. Women that help are wonderful - also! She's a 100% MD!
Patient Comment February 2020
*Dr. Abner explained concerns with courtesy. She spent time with me and listened to what I had to say.
Patient Comment February 2020
Had to call when the referral said to call patient to set up appointment time and date - Overall a good experience.
Patient Comment January 2020
*Dr. Abner is very polite & caring. Her humor helps ease the pain & tension, I feel because of my chronic leg wound. All the wound care nurses are friendly & caring.
Patient Comment January 2020
*Dr. Abner is a very compassionate and caring person who always talks positive about my concerns. She does her best to make you feel comfortable. I would be in a very painful situation without her care weekly.
Patient Comment January 2020
Nurses & doctors very friendly & good.
Patient Comment December 2019
Dr. Abner was fantastic, it was like talking to a Nobel prize winning doctor. Should have switched to her care months ago.
Patient Comment December 2019
*Dr. Abner is very kind & always listens.
Patient Comment December 2019
very very pleased with the doctor, nurses and front desk staff
Patient Comment December 2019
Had a very good first visit and was very impressed how much they cared and wanted to let me know that they would do everything possible to help me with my condition.
Patient Comment December 2019
I had been seeing a podiatrist for a wound that would not heal on the bottom of my foot. In discussions with my primary physician it was decided that I needed a higher level of care and expertise to treat this wound. I was able to get an appointment to the wound care center based on his referral. After a detailed and very comprehensive assessment at the wound care center a referral was made to another podiatrist. Having met with this second podiatrist his initial-primary strategy communicated to me is to heal this wound. That's kind of why I went to the wound care center in the first place - to take advantage of their expertise and state of the art techniques to heal wounds.
Patient Comment December 2019
all good.nothing negative
Patient Comment December 2019
Very best experience ever. I am paraplegic as the result of a spinal cord injury 50 years ago. Providers since have only asked why I have a wheelchair, the level and the year of the injury. Dr. Abner is the first provider that has expressed interest in the residual effects of the injury. Because of unusual swelling in my legs, she was concerned about blood clots and ordered a stat ultrasound. She measured the size of my legs in specific spots so that she can follow the swelling during the course of my treatment for pressure ulcers. She examined all of my skin for possible breakdown. She inquired of my eating habits. Because she felt I may be malnourished, she ordered a pre-albumin test to assess the quality of my nourishment and explained the importance of good nourishment to the healing of my wounds. Though I was found to be at the low end of the acceptable range, she encouraged me to seek more protein in my diet. At all times, she was most pleasant and truly interested in my well-being.