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4.8 out of 5 (84 Ratings, 24 Comments)


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Patient Comment October 2018
always good experience!
Patient Comment October 2018
More confidence, secure, calm.
Patient Comment October 2018
Dr Parikh is excellent. He is very friendly, caring, and knowledgeable!
Patient Comment October 2018
I have gone to him for years. he best.
Patient Comment October 2018
Thank you..
Patient Comment September 2018
Very good.
Patient Comment August 2018
Dr. Parikh is exceptional in every possible way!
Patient Comment July 2018
I hope he is still in practice before I die.
Patient Comment July 2018
good care provider.
Patient Comment July 2018
Dr. Parikh has been my physician for a long time. He has always been friendly, caring, polite, respectful, and professional.
Patient Comment June 2018
*Dr. Parikh, I recommend "ALL" my friends & family to *Dr. Parikh. I have been going to him for at least 30 years.
Patient Comment June 2018
Always listens and takes my opinion into consideration when making health care decisions. One of to great doctors I've been fortunate to have.
Patient Comment June 2018
Takes the time to clearly explain all relevant information!
Patient Comment May 2018
Patient Comment May 2018
Dr. Parikh is 100% professional and kind, he offers excellent advice, and he he's always totally familiar with my history and my personal fears, quirks and reluctance to try certain suggestions. I trust him 100%!!! I think of him as the ideal personal physician.