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4.7 out of 5 (79 Ratings, 14 Comments)


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Patient Comment February 2019
Doctor was very friendly & personable.
Patient Comment February 2019
he is the best!
Patient Comment January 2019
Everything went well.
Patient Comment January 2019
I had a very complete and thorough annual checkup with Dr.Amin to go over a coratid duplex I had taken, everything went well thanks
Patient Comment December 2018
He has become more friendly than when I first began seeing him. ***
Patient Comment November 2018
very good!!
Patient Comment November 2018
It was one of the best experiences I ever had with a doctor, he has a great demeanor. I had previously seen some else in the practice that did not.
Patient Comment October 2018
He caught a problem that family provider missed previously.
Patient Comment October 2018
Very good experience. Both nurse & doctor were friendly and courteous.
Patient Comment July 2018
Dr. Amin motivated me to quick smoking by being very blunt and to the point. For this I respect him as a physician that cares because sometimes people need to be woken up about what they're doing to themselves. He's a good Doctor!
Patient Comment June 2018
This was my second experience with Dr. Amin. He fulfilled all his responsibilities as a provider and I would definitely return to him for further assistance with any problems of a similar nature. He displayed knowledge while also speaking to me in terms I could understand.
Patient Comment June 2018
Dr. never really explained why the edema was happening appeared in a hurry to see the next patients.
Patient Comment June 2018
This was a very good visit. Great dr.
Patient Comment June 2018
Very though.