Carolyn Sienzant

Carolyn Sienzant, PA-C




  • Family Medicine


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Pennsylvania College of Technology

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4.9 out of 5 (157 Ratings, 41 Comments)


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Patient Comment April 2019
Very friendly, very clear and concise. Pleasant experience
Patient Comment April 2019
This PA did an excellent job of providing me with the service I needed that day.
Patient Comment March 2019
*Carolyn Sienzant is a very good provider. I am 67 yr. old and she is the best, she is very good at listening and suggesting things pertaining to medications. I am not very happy that Tower Health is moving her, so that I cannot keep going to her.
Patient Comment March 2019
wonderful staff, helped me tremendously
Patient Comment March 2019
Very good.
Patient Comment March 2019
Carolyn has always been a great provider would recommend her to anyone
Patient Comment March 2019
Carolyn is the best. She has seen me through some horrible events in my life.
Patient Comment March 2019
She called in for the generic when I can not take the generic. I am sure that was in my records. I payed for the prescription, so I am sure I can not take them back so I am out money that I could use.
Patient Comment March 2019
Very good. Sorry she is leaving this office.
Patient Comment February 2019
PA Carolyn is wonderful. so kind and sweet. I feel comfortable with her and feel she loves what she does.
Patient Comment February 2019
She is leaving the office. Sorry to see her go. She was a great doctor. Very kind and caring.
Patient Comment February 2019
my experience with Carolyn is always good, no complaints
Patient Comment February 2019
I really like Caroline but am sorry to hear about her leaving. I hope you find someone just like her.
Patient Comment February 2019
Carolyn Sienzant is by far one of the best provider I ever had.
Patient Comment January 2019
Carolyn is one of the nicest, caring PA I have ever met. She makes eye contact (important) and she listens to everything, never judges on silly questions, she is amazing. I will miss her very much, she is going to another office.