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4.8 out of 5 (64 Ratings, 26 Comments)


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Patient Comment June 2019
good experience, I feel the doctor and staff were genuinely listening to me.
Patient Comment June 2019
Very very satisfied with my provider. Happy that she is very caring and knowledgeable.
Patient Comment June 2019
Patient Comment June 2019
I really like this physician. She cares, listens and is very humble. I am comfortable talking with her about anything and I'd recommend her to others for their healthcare.
Patient Comment May 2019
*Dr. K was excellent and the staff is too.
Patient Comment May 2019
I really like her -
Patient Comment May 2019
very good experience
Patient Comment May 2019
This was my first visit to this provider. It was for a minor medical issue.
Patient Comment May 2019
This was the first time I met her, seemed very good & informed.***
Patient Comment May 2019
it took me a week calling back and forth to my pharmacy and the dr. office for the dr. office to finally tell me I needed to be seen before they would fill my prescription that I have been taking for about 15 yrs. The pharmacy would send the request, i would wait end up calling the dr. office they said they sent the script in. Sometimes the dr. office would be open when I called, then I would call the dr. office back and get the answering service. One time I left a message on the answering service and never received a call back. So I called the next day. I needed this prescription filled, because we were going out of town for a week on Sunday. When they finally told me I needed to be seen first, I asked them for a weeks worth of the prescription to hold me over and I would schedule an appointment for when I returned. They said no. I don't drive because of health issues. My husband works. They wanted me to come in that afternoon. I did manage to arrange that, but it was very inconvenient. My dr. who had retired, never would have done that. Thank you for reading this.
Patient Comment April 2019
Not much more to say professional, courteous, patient with you, clean, answered question, also explained clearly, would recommend this office without a doubt.
Patient Comment March 2019
Patient Comment March 2019
It has been a pleasure getting to know *Dr. Kumanova I look forward to our future progress together.
Patient Comment March 2019
office clerks were not engaged - no smile nor greeting. covered in jacket both receptionists had on jeans and a tee shirt. overall unprofessional appearance. provider was great!
Patient Comment March 2019
First time to see this Dr. as my regular doctor. Dr. Alwine, who I had at this practice since 1980, just retired this yr....he was always wonderful and this new Dr. seems like she will also be very good. Dr. Alwine was the best; he was always wonderful and I know it will be hard for anyone to compare or replace him!!!