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Patient Comment December 2018
Have been seeing Dr Massengale since I am 21 and have always received comprehensive and respectful care.
Patient Comment December 2018
Wonderful, kind and compassionate. I will cry when Dr. Massengale retires though he assures me the younger doctors will be good as well.
Patient Comment December 2018
Good Experience
Patient Comment December 2018
wonderful Doctor
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr. Massengale and his nurses are just the best! They are caring, thorough, understanding, and compassionate. They are top-notch and I won't see anyone else!
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr. Massengale is always very courteous. He never fails to ask about the little girl he delivered 11 years ago or how she's doing in her chosen sport. His staff are all very friendly. I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Massengale or his office.
Patient Comment December 2018
one of the best physicians I've ever had
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr Massengale is the best, I've been going to him for 40 years. Even though his office is extremely busy he always has taken time with me when I needed him to.
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr. Massengale is an excellent OBGYN. He explains all procedures and asks about family history of illnesses. He is courteous and respectful. He takes time to speak to patients in his office after their exam which really makes you feel that he is listening to you and is not rushing to his next appointment.
Patient Comment November 2018
He's very in tune with patients even when he never had them as patients before!
Patient Comment November 2018
I dread the day he retires!!!!!
Patient Comment November 2018
Dr Massengale is the sweetest, kindest, friendliest Doctor ever! I absolutely would recommend him to anyone!
Patient Comment November 2018
dr m was truly amazing. I never had a more thorough gyn appointment he listened to me and gave advice !! truly one of kind
Patient Comment November 2018
Dr. Massengale has been my gyn provider for many years and I trust his decisions and expertise 100%. He is very caring and empathetic.
Patient Comment November 2018
*Dr. Massengale is a kind, compassionate dr. who truly cares about his patients.