• Neurology

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  • Spanish


Medical School

University of Puerto Rico


University of South Florida
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center (Family Medicine)
State University of New York Upstate Medical University (Neurology)


Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center


Ponce School of Medicine

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  • Am Bd Psychiatry & Neurology

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4.8 out of 5 (142 Ratings, 31 Comments)


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Patient Comment February 2019
Patient Comment February 2019
Dr. Perez-Vargas has established a good relationship...
Patient Comment January 2019
*Dr. Perez made some assumptions, when he did not completely understand all aspects of the situation. This caused some hurt feelings.
Patient Comment January 2019
I am very satisfied with Dr Perez in every attribute I consider as my needs for treatment and management of Parkinson's.
Patient Comment January 2019
Good experience, doctor very easy to talk to
Patient Comment January 2019
my provider has been working with my medical problem trying his best to make my quality of liffe better. i have a rare disease. my provider has a wonderful bedside manner and makes me feel comfortable i am very pleased with my doctor.
Patient Comment January 2019
The staff and doctor were very friendly and helpful. This was my first visit with this doctor. I was very pleased with him and look forward to continuing my care with him.
Patient Comment January 2019
Patient Comment January 2019
GOOD experience, a little bit of a language problem, but we work it out.
Patient Comment December 2018
...rushed me through the appointment unwilling to listen to me patiently and didn't give me any real answers or concerns about my illness
Patient Comment December 2018
*Dr. Perez is the best doctor that has addressed my medical problems. He takes a lot of time at every visit to explain things.
Patient Comment December 2018
Hee has be most caring and compassinate in the diagnose of parkinsons disease and very understanding with me
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr. is very knowledgeable about my illness and understands very well Parkinsons.
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr Perez is an excellent provider.
Patient Comment November 2018
best doctor I have seen. almost gave up hope in finding out what was wrong with me. finally after 4yrs of hearing doctors tell me they don't know what's wrong, and not digging deeper, I was referred to dr. perez. he told me he would figure out what was going on. that he did, and has been helping me with my treatments.