Eric S. Fehnel

Eric S. Fehnel, MD

  • Chief, Section of Obstetrics




  • Obstetrics and Gynecology


Medical School

Jefferson Medical College


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Board Certification

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

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4.9 out of 5 (144 Ratings, 20 Comments)


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Patient Comment October 2018
I had a good experience. He made me feel at ease and I feel better prepared to face my condition in the future.
Patient Comment October 2018
The environment of the office is friendly and professional. I felt respected and cared for.
Patient Comment September 2018
Even though the outcome of my surgery was that I had Cancer, my experience with Dr. Fehnel was very positive. I had my first Oncologist appointment on 9/25, he said I could come right over to his office once I was done, and they would fit me in. that was done so that I could eliminate a second trip to West Reading. I was very appreciative for that accommodation.
Patient Comment September 2018
*Dr. Fehnel makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. He always explains what he is doing and why he is going something. I feel that he is very respectful and professional which I really appreciate.
Patient Comment September 2018
He is wonderful bed side manner.
Patient Comment September 2018
This was the first time I had to wait more than 45 minutes to see my provider.*** I understand delays happen, but the patient should be informed at least after 30 minutes of the status of their provider instead of being left to wait, it is just common courtesy.***
Patient Comment September 2018
This was my first visit with Dr Fehnel, after being with Dr Pellegrini for many years. I found Dr Fehnel to be very pleasant and most respectable to me. He was very easy to talk with. Not knowing what to expect, I was very pleasantly surprised! I have been with this group for over 40 years!!
Patient Comment August 2018
*Dr. Fehnel is simply excellent at what he does.
Patient Comment August 2018
I have been with this practice for 30 years and *Dr. Fehnel is my favorite provider out of the MANY I have had, including using OB services.
Patient Comment June 2018
Dr. Fehnel always lays out the options that I have, gives me time to think about them, leaves communication open and responds quickly via mychart. I have already sent a coworker to him who has received surgery from him for a problem she was facing and she was very happy with her care.
Patient Comment June 2018
Dr. Fehnel is very nice, always listens carefully to my questions, and always explains things so I can understand everything he is saying.
Patient Comment May 2018
*** I also would have preferred that he not try to carry on a "normal" conversation (asking questions about my work, etc) during the exam as if the exam wasn't even happening (I realize he likely meant the best, and was hoping to distract me from the uncomfortable exam). He was clearly efficient and proficient, but I wish that he had directed his words to talking me through the exam instead of to trying to make pleasant conversation.
Patient Comment April 2018
Very please with *Dr. Fehnei.
Patient Comment April 2018
Dr.Eric Fehnel is has great bed side manner and treats patient very respectfully and explains in detail
Patient Comment March 2018
*Dr. Eric Fehnel provider professional care answered all my questions and concerns.