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Patient Comment December 2018
Very nice & concerned about the issues at hand.
Patient Comment December 2018
Very good.
Patient Comment December 2018
Most excellent doctor.
Patient Comment December 2018
he didnt spend enough time with me
Patient Comment December 2018
Very good
Patient Comment November 2018
He is a very competent and caring doctor and I am very fortunate to have him.
Patient Comment September 2018
Excellent from start to finish. Appreciate that they value my time by being on time....everytime
Patient Comment September 2018
Dr. Mirrani spent as much time as needed with me to answer any and all questions about my condition and treatment. I felt that if we ran over the 30 minute time allotment for the appointment, that Dr. Mirrani would have taken as much time as needed to speak with me.
Patient Comment September 2018
Heard irregularity on report did not talk about.
Patient Comment August 2018
This physician was very respectful and pleasant. Seemed relaxed and focused. Even though he knew I am a nurse, he explained things carefully and completely. I am thinking about changing to him as my cardiologist of record.
Patient Comment August 2018
I was very happy with my doctor's explanation of my medical condition. He was professional and courteous.
Patient Comment August 2018
This is on being first visit w/this doctor.
Patient Comment June 2018
Dr Mirrani truely was concerned about my health. He listened to what I had to say and answered in words I could understand. He took time to read my chart as this was my first visit with him. Great Dr was really truely a great Dr.
Patient Comment June 2018
Excellent provider. Spent a lot of time with me. Shook our hands and acknowledged my husband. Made him feel a part of the appt. Explained everything. Remembered things from my hospitalization that were not even related to my physical problem. Personal things. We laughed, He always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Stresses the positives. Gives encouragement. Excellent physical check-up. Explained the EKG. Other physicians should take lessons from Dr. Mirrani.
Patient Comment June 2018
During the visit referenced in this questionnaire, the Doctor was concerned enough about my well-being to have me consult with the surgeon that performed my operations to check the healing of the skin graft. The surgeon is seeing me the next day (today). That is what I consider excellent care from the different doctors whose care I am under.