• Neurologic Surgery

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New York Medical College


Loyola University Medical Center, Neurosurgery


Loyola University Medical Center, Intra-Residency Spine Fellowship
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Post Residency Cerebrovascular / Skull Base Fellowship
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Post Residency Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship

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4.8 out of 5 (63 Ratings, 32 Comments)


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Patient Comment July 2019
The provider really made feel at ease.
Patient Comment July 2019
*Dr. Braca is a kind and caring doctor. He takes time to explain to you everything that you need to know. He also is a great listener. Thank you *Dr. Braca!
Patient Comment June 2019
I am very grateful for the treatments and appointments.
Patient Comment June 2019
Was, friendly and took the time to explain and answer any questions I had.
Patient Comment June 2019
Very positive and supportive helping me make a decision about difficult medical concern.
Patient Comment June 2019
Dr Braca embodies what a modern day surgeon should strive to attain. He is caring, thorough, competent and skilled. He is just as comfortable taking the time to explain my medical conditions to me using my scans and tests in a way I can understand as he is performing the surgery. And when things don't go as planned he remains calm and confident , competently handling the new situation and formulating an alternative plan. He is a credit to his profession and I owe him my life.
Patient Comment May 2019
very good dr
Patient Comment May 2019
*Dr. Braca has always been friendly and excellent in explaining and showing results of procedures of my cerebral problem. Best was he REMOVED my ANNIVERSARY in my carotid artery. Sorry for my spelling.
Patient Comment May 2019
V. good experience!
Patient Comment April 2019
I am very thankful that he was around & his team, when I needed them. Somehow I felt blessed. Thank you for everything you did for me! More power! Vanessa 03/28/2019
Patient Comment April 2019
The time is the best.
Patient Comment April 2019
All contact was done in a professional manner.
Patient Comment March 2019
Front office, desk, nurse, dr. everyone was very kind & caring. They were awesome. Thank you.
Patient Comment March 2019
Amber and Caitlyn are the best
Patient Comment March 2019
I had a good visit.