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Patient Comment January 2019
she's great. really like her.
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr. Leaman is a very good gyn doctor who takes in the importance of all my health care needs. She is very down to earth & caring and I really like going to her and appreciate her feedback.
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr Leaman remembers me, knows my history and always makes me feel like she cares about how I am doing
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr. Leaman has always been very professional, easy to talk too about any concerns I may have, her personality is very comforting & always feel at ease with her!
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr Leaman always takes time to listen to my concerns. She provides high quality and compassionate care to her patients.
Patient Comment January 2019
She answered questions I have had for over a year, thst I could not get answered. The first time I met her was when she covered for my regular doctor who was no longer at Tiwer Health. I did not know this before my appointment, but she made me feel so comfortable, as if I've known her for a long time.
Patient Comment January 2019
she is always kind and courteous and take her time explaining everything. never seems rushed!
Patient Comment December 2018
I love her. she is the best!
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr Leaman is my Gyn, so I only see her once a year. My other doctor is with Wellspan where I work. As long as insurance lets me see her I will continue to see Dr Leaman.
Patient Comment December 2018
Great first impressions that are lasting
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr Leaman is wonderful. I was able to get an appt with late notice and I opted to see her in the Kutztown office. the office was easy to find and very nice. staff very friendly and helpful.
Patient Comment December 2018
Absolutely adore her! I've had her for years now, would not go to anyone else!
Patient Comment December 2018
I love Dr Leaman. She is the best!
Patient Comment November 2018
Patient Comment November 2018
Dr. Leaman is amazing and so caring and nice! I would recommend her to anyone. I am very comfortable with her.