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Patient Comment February 2019
knowledgeable, friendly , always a good experience
Patient Comment February 2019
Very helpful-I felt at ease with him!
Patient Comment February 2019
Known this provider since the middle '70's. But in his field, you loose him, you are out of luck. Nobody better than him and his wife - who is now retired.
Patient Comment February 2019
*Dr. B. is a very caring doctor.
Patient Comment January 2019
he is great***
Patient Comment January 2019
I couldn't have been more pleased with Dr. B. He eased my anxiety immediately and was so very nice to talk to, a good listener, and a good sense of humor. He was a joy and I wish other doctors would learn from him - the importance of listening without looking at clock to see if allotted time was up!
Patient Comment January 2019
This was my first visit to see Dr B. He was very friendly, showed great interest in my health problem, did an excellent job in getting my history and doing my physical exam including a Neuro exam, giving me his opinion a on my diagnosis, offering a great explanation on my diagnosis and offering a treatment plan which I understood. I was very happy with my visit. would recommend Dr B to who ever needed a Neurology consultation.
Patient Comment December 2018
Patient Comment December 2018
My doctor always remembers previous conversations and information. I find this to be impressive.
Patient Comment November 2018
very knowledgeable
Patient Comment November 2018
Very polite pleasant,and caring. and His suggestions/explanations were very clear and sometimes humorous. I thought he was insightful.
Patient Comment November 2018
The relations have been excellent from day one.
Patient Comment November 2018
Very knowledgeable and down to earth.
Patient Comment November 2018
I have been seeing Dr. Brzowski for about 20 yrs. now. I feel he is a very caring person, keeps me informed if there should be another medication that may help me more. I would recommend him to family and friends. The staff is also very kind and professional. "I do believe I spelled his name wrong"
Patient Comment October 2018
caring,concerned and informed