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Patient Comment September 2018
Dr. Sun is a good provider(caring, compassionate), however he can be very difficult to understand.
Patient Comment September 2018
I didn't get a call or letter about an appointment. I had to drive there to make an appointment cause no one called me back.
Patient Comment September 2018
Dr Sun was a bit hard to understand due to his native country accent but he had no problem repeating the subject when questioned.
Patient Comment July 2018
The provider looks at the computer while talking instead of having a face to face conversation.
Patient Comment June 2018
Dr. Sun is a very good Physician. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. The only draw back to care is understanding him sometimes due to strong accent. It's very important that he makes eye contact with the patient- and NOT document on the computer, in order for the patient to fully understand what he is explaining. I admit that sometimes I have no idea what he said and I ask him to repeat himself multiple times- but it's because he's charting or talking too fast.
Patient Comment May 2018
Talked very fast and with heavy accent.
Patient Comment April 2018
Very well versed in my condition and course of action that is needed to be taken to correct my condition
Patient Comment April 2018
Overall fantastic. *Dr. speaker fast and has accent so have to listen carefully.
Patient Comment February 2018
I am sure *Dr. Sun is an excellent doctor, but he was extremely difficult to understand, and when I asked him to repeat what he said, he seemed annoyed.
Patient Comment December 2017
I only give this provider less than good marks because his English & accent make it very difficult to understand him.