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4.8 out of 5 (89 Ratings, 10 Comments)


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Patient Comment October 2018
Very satisfied with interaction.
Patient Comment October 2018
Couldn't have been better.I
Patient Comment October 2018
Excellent coordination with EP doctor whichl led to emergency pacemaker operation when I was out of town. Very pleased with coordination with UNC healthcare system on need for operation. Also very positive on accommodations made during my visit to deal with unplanned services of pacer staff to attend to my wound and register my pacemaker. My compliments to the entire staff.
Patient Comment September 2018
Dr. Nolan is wise beyond his years, and his staff has always been patiently responsive to my needs and those of other co-temporal existents (patience with patients).
Patient Comment August 2018
my first visit. am scheduled for more tests. I like Dr. Nolan but after leaving his office I had more questions and will have to wait till I get the tests done. hoping I can get answers soon after the tests are done.
Patient Comment August 2018
Patient Comment April 2018
#6. - I was told to keep doing the time & exercises at the YMCA.
Patient Comment March 2018
Patient Comment March 2018
I would like to continue to see Dr. Nolan! Excellent!
Patient Comment December 2017
*Dr. Nolan is a fine physician!