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Patient Comment December 2018
*Dr. Gluhavsky also did surgery for my daughter. At that time I was very impressed with his manner and professionalism. I continue to believe I have made an excellent choice for my own surgery.
Patient Comment November 2018
As a doctor I consider it very good being that they give all the possible information to their patients.
Patient Comment November 2018
He was a very patient, empathetic person. He did not rush me through the visit.
Patient Comment November 2018
when trying to schedule this appointment the referral was sent to pediatrics delaying the appointment . when I called to find out why I had not heard from them i was finally able to schedule this appointment .
Patient Comment November 2018
*Dr. Gluhavsky is a very good doctor. He is very polite, considerate, and professional. He took time to contact another doctor for another problem, which I'm very grateful for.
Patient Comment November 2018
Good experience.
Patient Comment October 2018
*Dr. Gluhavsky is everything your doctor should be.
Patient Comment September 2018
Had a lot of faith in *Dr. G. very competent.
Patient Comment August 2018
Exactly what a care-giver should be.