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Patient Comment April 2018
#1. *Dr. Michael Koslow MD.
Patient Comment April 2018
Dr Koslow is an excellent caring doctor with ''No Nonsense'' discipline about the welfare of my condition. Honest and to the point... He wants you to succeed st staying alive and well
Patient Comment April 2018
Dr. Koslow performed a needed procedure on me in February despite some challenges that other cardiologists were unwilling to tackle. He did--with minimal problems--and I have not felt so well in years. This visit was a routine check-up.
Patient Comment April 2018
Treats me like I should be treated.
Patient Comment February 2018
Bedside manner a bit lacking.
Patient Comment January 2018
This was the second time I saw the Doctor in a year, & I couldn't believe he didn't listen to my heart, (cardiologist). I didn't realize until I left room. He seemed rushed this time! I ad more questions.
Patient Comment January 2018
Very professional - Very caring. Good job.
Patient Comment December 2017
*Dr. Koslow comes highly recommended. Very likeable/compassionate specialist.
Patient Comment September 2017
very good dr.
Patient Comment September 2017
*Dr. Koslow was very honest, very professional I would highly recommend him.
Patient Comment September 2017
Dr. Koslow performed numerous invasive cardiology procedures and we have always been impressed with him (and his associates)
Patient Comment September 2017
Dr. Koslow and the entire staff at Cardiology Associates are very caring and always show great respect and concern.
Patient Comment September 2017
Dr Koslow was very concerned about my health due to the sudden loss of our son and in a very firm way expressed the importantance for me to get regular exercise for my own good and mental stability in this time of grief and at the same time he was very compassionate to me and my spouse. I have the utmost respect for Dr Koslow and know he has my best interest at heart . He got my attention and I am following the advice and directions he gave me. His staff shared with me how much they like working with him and all have lots of respect for him. Dr Koslow has given me a new outlook on life in the deepest hours of grief in my life. I will forever be grateful to him.