• Cancer Medical Oncologist
  • Cancer Specialist
  • Hematology


Medical School

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Lehigh Valley Hospital


Hershey Medical Center


Delaware County Memorial Hospital

Board Certification

  • Am Bd Internal Medicine
  • Am Bd Int Med (Sub: Medical Oncology)
  • Am Bd Int Med (Sub: Hematology)

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4.9 out of 5 (146 Ratings, 30 Comments)


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Patient Comment December 2018
excellent doctor
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr. Agostino and her nurse Donna coordinated blood transfusions for me when I needed them quickly. They are both very easy to talk with and I feel that they help me emotionally as well as physically. I feel confident about the plan of care that Dr. Agostino has chosen for me.
Patient Comment December 2018
Very nice, explained things.
Patient Comment December 2018
First Class facility , faculty and I feel extremely confident Dr Agostino will care for my needs! She exudes Professionalism !
Patient Comment November 2018
provided was very late . appointment was for 9 and we waited in the exam room from 9 till 955 with no reasons given . the provider did apologize
Patient Comment November 2018
Very Good
Patient Comment November 2018
Patient Comment November 2018
The Dr was knowledgeable, down to earth, and didn't speak above me. I appreciated her time, and left feeling good about my health situation.
Patient Comment November 2018
Dr Agostino was very friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. it was a very good experience. Put my mind at ease.
Patient Comment November 2018
I thought she was great. I felt so well informed when I left. She answered and explained her reasoning of all my questions. if she leaves Tower Health to work somewhere else I am following her so keep her there!!
Patient Comment October 2018
I had my first visit with her since Dr. Rai's departure. I thought she had a new approach to my care and was pleased. I have reason to believe she and I will have a good working relationship.
Patient Comment October 2018
Very caring!
Patient Comment October 2018
allowed daughter to call into appointment, and was treated like I was in the room. much apprecaited
Patient Comment October 2018
Patient Comment October 2018
The Best!