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Mount Sinai Hospital, Balitimore, Phys. Med. & Rehab.
Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


Mount Sinai Hospital, Balitimore, Int. Med./Phys. Med. & Rehab.

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Patient Comment June 2018
It is my firm opinion that Dr. Brockman personifies what a physician should be. What a gracious, patient, excellent , thorough and kind man. He took time.( even though the previous patient was late) . I felt extremely blessed to be in the care of Dr. Brockman. This man genuinely cared about my circumstance. Thank you.
Patient Comment June 2018
You can't find many doctors that would care for you as Dr. Brockman.
Patient Comment May 2018
Doctor Brockman is a very fine doctor , extremely professional , very knowledgeable , speaks at a level very understanding , would highly recommend him to any one who should need his services !!!
Patient Comment May 2018
they need to keep doing what they are doing
Patient Comment March 2018
Dr Brockman is one of the best Physicians I have ever known. I worked at Reading Hospital for many years and knew many docs. Since I became disabled, I have had to see multiple providers. He is knowledgeable, skilled and patient oriented. He is kind and deserves special recognition.
Patient Comment February 2018
Dr. Brockman is simply excellent.
Patient Comment February 2018
*Dr. Brockman was very thorough in his assessments, excellent @ describing what to expect throughout testing, & sensitive to impact of condition.
Patient Comment January 2018
Everyone made me feel important.
Patient Comment January 2018
Finally a doctor that read my chart & listened to me!
Patient Comment December 2017
He is the greatest!
Patient Comment December 2017
Vewry happy with Dr. Brockman and his instructions to my PT seem to be helping.
Patient Comment November 2017
Dr. Brockman is definitely one of best physicians I have ever have (& I feel I have seen enough to make this statement; in addition, I can make this same statement about Dr. John Timko; these two physicians are superb - have certainly helped to ease my concerns with medical problems). If all physicians could be of same quality as these two men, the medical would be problem free
Patient Comment November 2017
Great doctor.
Patient Comment November 2017
Dr Brockmam is wonderful
Patient Comment October 2017
Dr. Brockman was absolutely wonderful to work with. He truly listened to me, asked a lot of questions & took notes on my responses. He seemed concerned with me as a PERSON rather than with me as just a patient. I left his office with a clear cut plan for treatment, including varying steps to take in order of preference. VERY pleased with my care from him.