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4.7 out of 5 (81 Ratings, 18 Comments)


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Patient Comment November 2018
All good
Patient Comment November 2018
Didnt show me my pictures from straight on my back. Just one side n others didnt really understand. Was to the point & friendly & said no surgery n glad
Patient Comment November 2018
Patient Comment November 2018
This provider can be very rude.
Patient Comment November 2018
Articulate, patient, clear, and sometimes humorous. Put me more at ease than other physicians.
Patient Comment November 2018
A very good experience.
Patient Comment October 2018
Always professional. Always busy.
Patient Comment October 2018
I have great confidence in him and his skills. I would not want a substitute!
Patient Comment October 2018
No delays.
Patient Comment September 2018
He tends to be too windy in his conversations and utilizes analogies when discussing my medical care. It is ok, but I would rather have straight conversation and more directed about the plan of my care. I feel like we don't have direct conversation and it seems somewhat scattered each time I come in.
Patient Comment September 2018
provided options about the treatment and possible cure to my problems associated with my disease
Patient Comment August 2018
Was very pleased with Dr. Close and his staff *** All was EXCELLENT.
Patient Comment August 2018
Never had a bad experience with *Dr. Close.
Patient Comment August 2018
*Dr. Close is a fine knowledgeable doctor.
Patient Comment June 2018
He spoke in terms I could understand and made it very clear how bad my situation is and sent me in the right direction.