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4.7 out of 5 (46 Ratings, 14 Comments)


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Patient Comment December 2019
***In general all of the staff are nice and helpful. ***
Patient Comment September 2019
very helpful.
Patient Comment September 2019
Friendly and Understanding
Patient Comment July 2019
This was the first time I have seen someone other than Dr. Brandt. I am glad LaRue had my information prior to my arrival and was prepared for my appointment
Patient Comment June 2019
*Tiffany is an excellent provider. She is very courteous and explains things well. She never rushes through my visit.
Patient Comment June 2019
*Tiffany is very attentive to her patients questions. She is a professional in the very definition. There should be more PA's and doctors that have her bedside manner. Well done *Tiffany.
Patient Comment May 2019
personable and knowledgeable
Patient Comment April 2019
was very nice and real about what she was doing
Patient Comment March 2019
I have always had a wonderful experience with everyone!
Patient Comment February 2019
A very pleasant experience!
Patient Comment February 2019
I generally deal with *Kristen when I call & she is excellent. When I called about running out of meds, not refilled & stopped taking them. Had a dr.'s appt. the following week & when I called to schedule, receptionist was rude & told me I was going to be "suspended" for cancelling my appt. I told her I was not taking meds & there was no reason to see nutritionist until I spoke with the dr. Talked to front desk when I came in. Dr. changed my meds.
Patient Comment February 2019
Dr. LaRue is friendly, knowledgeable, caring and my visit was pleasant and comfortable. she gave me the time I needed to ask questions and hear about my results and health. thank you.
Patient Comment January 2019
I have seen Tiffany now for the past 3 yearly follow ups after my gastric sleeve procedure.***I will continue to see Tiffany as long as she is there. The front desk staff, check out desk staff, and the aide that took my vitals were all pleasant and friendly. All seemed to like their job and when I walked in I could FEEL the difference.***
Patient Comment January 2019
Tiffany is a top notch health care professional, who always shows great concern for me and my health needs. She always has my records at hand and comes into the room only after she has reviewed the latest happenings with my health care from other providers, and we discuss these issues as they may relate to my visit with Tiffany. She is a consummate professional!