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Albany Medical College


Morristown Memorial Hospital


Allegheny General Hospital


Morristown Memorial Hospital

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  • Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery

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4.9 out of 5 (75 Ratings, 9 Comments)


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Patient Comment September 2018
MD - *Dasika has made my life better in health that my heart is during fine that *Dr. Dasika has discharged me.
Patient Comment September 2018
Dr. Daseki speaks to my dad who is 86 in a manner in which he can understand. Very good in reviewing surgery. overall wonderful Dr.
Patient Comment September 2018
Excellent service and exceptional skills - for his field.
Patient Comment March 2018
His expertise saved my life.
Patient Comment February 2018
Dr. Dasika went to great lengths to assure understanding and put me at ease as I was very worried.
Patient Comment February 2018
He is the BEST!
Patient Comment February 2018
very good doctor and nurse
Patient Comment January 2018
Patient Comment December 2017
Not knowing what to expect from the type of surgery needed, dr. was very calming and assuring to me. Out come was wonderful.