• Endocrinology and Metabolism

Additional Languages

  • Hindi
  • Kannada


Medical School

Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Mercy Hospital


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Board Certification

  • Am Bd Internal Medicine
  • Am Bd Int Med (Sub: Endo&Met)

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4.6 out of 5 (129 Ratings, 43 Comments)


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Patient Comment March 2019
I feel Dr. Magaji really listens to my concerns and frustrations. He explains things so I can understand them. He looks at all aspects of my Heath, not just my thyroid. I never feel rushed talking to him.
Patient Comment March 2019
good experience
Patient Comment March 2019
when discussing symptoms, the Dr was reading off a computer screen and asking what applied. he did look at the computer a lot and spoke of my treatment as he was typing it out.he did spend a lot of time w me which was GREATLY appreciated! he researched a concern very thoroughly.
Patient Comment March 2019
I'm in the midst of having my medication adjusted and he it's important to him that I have the proper adjustment.
Patient Comment March 2019
Sometimes it is hard to get an appointment. other than that I am pleased.
Patient Comment March 2019
I have NEVER had a Doctor take the time like this Doctor did to go o ER my history and current problems, as well as a new course of action. I was through impressed and awesome by his level of professionalism and care.
Patient Comment March 2019
just keep up the good work...
Patient Comment March 2019
I like Dr. Magaji. I feel he is honest with me.
Patient Comment February 2019
very informative
Patient Comment February 2019
Patient Comment February 2019
He was not prepared, he stated "what's your name? I have so many patients you can't expect me to know" & he referred to me as "patient throughout session. Instead of my name. *** failed to make eye contact throughout visit.
Patient Comment January 2019
He called me after the appointment to give me updated information.
Patient Comment January 2019
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Magaji. He is helping me to recapture my health.
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr Magaji is very thorough and respectful, asking me questions as to when my thyroid condition began (55 yr ago); what was done about it; when I started medication, etc. His knowledge of the cause and treatment of my condition is exceptional. In all my 55 yrs of this condition, I was tested and prescribed a daily pill. He is the first doctor to actually delve into the issue. He is well mannered and softly spoke while he was typing his report, which was much appreciated as I was able to correct any incorrect information. I am very pleased to be under his care and would highly recommend him to anyone having thyroid issues.
Patient Comment January 2019
we're working together to address diabetes components and thyroid problems. the nurse and support staff are wonderful!