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Patient Comment October 2018
This was my first visit with *Dr. Finneran. He was great. Very knowledgeable & friendly.
Patient Comment October 2018
A good provider.
Patient Comment October 2018
very friendly and joking with my dad
Patient Comment October 2018
*Doctor Finneran a new doctor unable to answer all questions.
Patient Comment September 2018
very good have recommended to friends and family
Patient Comment August 2018
My mother had this doctor for years and now he's my doctor and we have always had confidence in him and felt at ease always.
Patient Comment August 2018
My visit with this man was impressive in that he was caring and took the time to listen to me!
Patient Comment August 2018
He's a busy doctor - much in demand.
Patient Comment June 2018
Patient Comment June 2018
Told him my wife just passed away about 7 weeks ago and he was very understanding.*** everything all good.
Patient Comment June 2018
An excellent surgeon generally concerned about his patients.
Patient Comment June 2018
Dr. and staff did an excellent job!
Patient Comment May 2018
*Dr. Finneran's a fantastic doctor I have had him since I was admitted through ER 1 1/2 yrs. ago and he has the best!! bedside manner.
Patient Comment May 2018
I have always received excellent care from *Dr. Finneran & his staff.
Patient Comment April 2018