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Our dermatology treatment plan is individually tailored to your skin, hair, and nail needs. We look at genetic, environmental, and psychological factors to diagnose and treat your specific condition. Comprehensive Care Our medical dermatology practice and board-certified dermatologists offer…

Dermatology Procedures

Tower Health offers the latest approaches in dermatologic care, including specialized Mohs treatment for skin cancer. Learn more.

Developmental Pediatrics

If your child needs extra help as they develop mentally and socially, our compassionate team is here for you. We give each child personal attention and guidance to enhance their ability to think, learn, and interact.


DEXA - Bone Density Scan Osteoporosis means, literally, “porous bones,” and is a debilitating disease that can lead to bone fracture. More than 52 million Americans have low bone density and are at risk for osteoporosis— 80% are women. DEXA scans (which stands for Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) are…


Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes or have lived with it for many years. Diabetes is an extremely complex disease that can have devastating effects on many of the body’s systems if not managed properly.  We can help Diabetes is a complex disease that requires complex treatment. Beyond…

Diabetes Nutrition Counseling

Have you been told to, "Watch your diet?" Do you have a newly diagnosed or long-standing chronic condition that requires a change in the way you eat and you need some expert advice and coaching? Do you need to lose or gain a few pounds?  Conducted by credentialed staff & experienced dietitians. Our…

Diagnostic Testing

Pulmonary Function Sleep Disorders Arterial Blood Gas Studies Oximetry Studies EEG Tests

Digestive Tract Cancers

Tower Health offers expert care for all types of digestive tract cancers. Learn about the cancers we treat and the skill and compassion we bring to your diagnosis.

Eating Disorders

Living with an eating disorder is a serious stress for the individual and family. In the course of our program, we help participants and families find better ways of managing symptoms and discover the issues that underlie and sustain the disorder. We accomplish this through intensive therapies provided…

Educational Support

Diabetic education programs are designed to help you better manage diabetes. We offer information about living with diabetes, including managing medications, increasing physical activity, performing blood glucose testing, taking preventative measures and working to develop better nutrition. Live better …