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Pediatric Heart Care

If your child needs heart care, turn to the pediatric experts at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. We help babies, children, and teens with heart problems live well and play hard. Our families get the latest technology, the brightest talent, and the highest level of support. All right here in Greater Philadelphia and beyond.

Pediatric Burn Center

The Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children offers the most advanced care for children with burn injuries.

Pediatric Cancer Care

The types of cancer that children get are often different from the types adults get — childhood cancers are not related to lifestyle or habits. And, kids respond differently to treatments. That's why you need a team focused on kids’ cancer treatment. Our experts use leading-edge approaches designed just for kids.

Pediatric Urgent Care

Illnesses and injuries are unexpected — great care should not be. Get urgent care for conditions from scrapes and cuts to colds and flu. 

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urologists treat problems with the urinary tract, bladder, and reproductive organs. We offer compassionate care tailored to the unique needs of children. 

Pediatric Neurology

The pediatric neurology team at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children brings hope and healing to children with neurologic conditions and disorders. Our comprehensive, collaborative care treats children with complex needs as well as those with acute conditions.

Pediatric Audiology

Advanced, kid-friendly testing helps identify hearing problems early. This means your child gets treatment right away so that they can continue to learn and develop. We make sure hearing problems do not hold your child back.

Pediatric Genetics

Knowledge is power when it comes to caring for a child with a genetic disorder. Our expert team helps you to understand your child’s condition so you can make the best decisions about their care.

Pediatric Trauma Center

Life-threatening conditions require life-saving care. At St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, our Level I Trauma Center delivers immediate care to the most critically injured children. 

Pediatric Rheumatology

We specialize in diagnosing and treating rheumatologic and autoimmune diseases in children of all ages. Our team of specialists works together to relieve symptoms and help your child feel their best.