Our comprehensive inpatient care is for adults age 18 and older who have been experiencing mental health concerns. We’re proud to be a source of information, collaboration, and superior support for the therapists, counselors, and other professionals who refer patients to our mental health treatment centers. 

Admissions Overview

We’re committed to working closely with referring professionals to ensure that your patients receive the type and level of care that best meets their specific needs.

All admissions decisions are made on an individual basis. However, in general, our mental health treatment facilities may be an optimal placement for individuals in your care who meet the following criteria:

  • Adults of all genders, age 18 and older
  • Have a primary diagnosis of a mental health disorder
  • Are experiencing an acute crisis that is best addressed via inpatient treatment

We also accept adults who have been struggling with substance use and addiction, but only if this is a co-occurring condition that accompanies a primary diagnosis of a mental health disorder.

Features of Treatment

When a referred patient is admitted into treatment they will be placed into one of our inpatient units:

  • General psychiatric units, which is a safe and secure treatment environment for adults who have been experiencing severe and persistent mental health disorders, including psychotic disorders, acute episodes of anxiety, and behavioral problems associated with personality disorders.
  • Mood disorders units, which is designed for adults whose lives have been disrupted by significant distress related to a primary diagnosis of a depressive disorder or other mood disorder.

In both inpatient units, patients follow personalized treatment plans that include an array of customized therapeutic interventions and evidence-based best practices.

Streamlined Referral Process

When you contact us to discuss referring a patient to our care, you can expect to receive the answers, guidance, and support you’ve been seeking, with minimal disruption to your daily schedule. We understand the many demands that are placed on the professionals who refer patients to us, and we’re focused on meeting your needs so that you can focus on your practice and your other patients.

Once you’ve provided us with some basic information, we can coordinate directly with your patient or, depending on their needs, with their family. Our team can also contact your patient’s insurance provider to verify their benefits. With your patient’s permission, we’ll confirm their admission with you and ensure that you receive regular updates on their progress throughout their time in our care.

Working together, we can ensure that your patient gets the care they need so that they can achieve improved quality of life and make a successful and productive transition out of our inpatient program.