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We treat anyone who desires an evaluation and treatment by pain specialists. Patients simply need to receive a referral from their primary care physician. Services include enhancing recovery after surgery through services offered before, during, and after surgery to minimize surgical stress.

We improve pain control, reduce the need to use opioid drugs, and enhance the results of surgery.

Our services are in coordination with the Department of Anesthesiology and all practioners providing care to our patients. 

Services offered before, during, and after surgery include:

  • Multimodal analgesia. A method that offers better pain relief with less opioids
  • Regional anesthesia. Numbing only the part of the body undergoing a procedure

The surgical specialists and pain resource nurses will work to develop a plan to achieve you goals for mobility and rehabilitation. Our team of specialists will also work with you to manage any severe or long-term pain.

“Severe pain from an automobile accident was ruining my life until I saw Dr. Cheatle and the staff at The Behavioral Medicine Pain Management Center.”- Dr. CJ Rhoads, M.Ed., D.Ed
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We also offer assistance through behavioral pain management.

Behavioral medicine pain management uses a combination of conventional medical treatment and an awareness of how behavior and attitude can affect health. Through these means, we provide sufferers of chronic pain the skills necessary to optimize function and foster a healthier lifestyle through education, exercise, counseling, and peer support.


Tower Health is reducing the societal harm that opioids can cause by focusing on psychological and social support. Between 2007 and 2012, opioid pain prescription per capita increased by 7.3 percent. Our new pain management practice objectives seek to prevent chronic pain through aggressive treatment of acute pain, while minimizing opioid exposure.

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For more information about this service and questions regarding appointments, please call our helpline.